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i dun understand.. can explain?

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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the cup fell down and didn't smash into pieces...
its a bit like a old ad for "BILD Zeitung" in germany...
it plays with the fact, that it's so fast (for glue the time to dry and for newspapers the time
the news will be in the paper) that it has already been done before it has actually happened.

besides that it reminds me of an ad done before... i think i'ts quite a good one... when you get it, of course. =)

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I did not understand it that way. Actually, I am pretty sure it broke into several pieces, but the glue is so fast that it is dry before someone could clean up the mess from the coffee. It is very clever!

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I'm sorry. it is not coffee. I just saw that it is tea.

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thankyou for the clarification, we can all relax now.

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Your welcome, mate. Anytime you need.

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ja... you can also see it that way, of course. it's a good one anyway...

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If only ...

My kitchen floor has costed me a small fortune and its not over yet!


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hahaha, yeah only wen i get the message. then only i know this ad is powerful..
conversely, if i dun, it's a no-no..
nyway, thanks lorem_ipsum.. =)

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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Actually the tea cup really broke in pieces, but the glue dry so fast that it was restored instantly.

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if an ad isn't understandable by ad people, i'd say it's not an ad.

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Liked the idea.

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It's a campaign build solely for the award judges and advertising creatives' masturbation only. Absolutely scam! I mean, for the normal daily consumer, do you think they ever get it??? And worse, consumer won't be able connect this to the Tamiya campaign at all; hence not getting the message! Both Tamiya and Super Glue consumers are not the same consumers.....

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it is a good ad..
you guys really need a life and may be a bit of a brain

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Yea!! where would i get it from - a bit of a brain??

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no entiendo... las cosas fueron reparadas antes de limpiar el desastre y esto hace pensar que el pegamento seca muy rápido?

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quien lo pegó es muy habilidoso,

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there's a piece of idea somewhere in this add...
still not convinced

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