Cultura / Croix Rouge Française (French Red Cross): Mind growth

By helping to fill up a child's school satchel, you help his mind to grow.

Advertising Agency: DDH, Bordeaux, France
Art Director: Thomas Birch
Copywriter: Serge Legrand
Photographer: Sébastien Cottereau
Account director: Jean-Marc Dupouy
Account executive: Géraldine Bertrand
Published: September 2009


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Please get help with your translation.

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his mind?
then a picture of a girl?

You could use 'their' mind and it'd match the graphic better and keep it open to 'all'.

Although I am concerned that while the full satchel is growing her mind, it's also crushing down on her head and probably stunting her physical growth :)

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lol. :) Good one Pault.

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love the idea

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Dev Kumar
834 pencils

I find it hard to believe that the contradiction in articulating the gender was done wilfully. It's still 50:50 because the idea is good.

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160 pencils

well done.nice.

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