Legendary Rum of St. Croix, Invaded

July 2009
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In a world full of liquor brands without a history, the Legendary Rum of St. Croix campaign uses 240 years of island legends, heritage and imagery to remind consumers that Cruzan is an authentic, premium rum. To create a mystique around Cruzan Rum by romanticizing the islanders’ long history of making rum, drinking rum and embracing the true rum lifestyle.

St.Croix was invaded seven times, but we suspect at least three of those were for the rum.

Advertising Agency: Fallon Minneapolis, USA
Creative Directors: Dave Damman
Copywriter: Dean Buckhorn
Manager of Art Buying: Dave Lewis
Art Buyers: Kerri Jamison, Jennifer David
Production Company: Mason Vickers
Photographer: Nadav Kander
Representation: Stockland Martel
Producer: Tom Mason
Retoucher: Kander Studios

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I like Dean Buckhorn's work, so sue me.