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sorry for my terrible english..indonesian :)

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ok interesting but a. why should anyone bother to stay long enough to decipher the meaning and b. this could at least be enriched with an image...

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...and the product or service is?

In a magazine, the ad doesn't come with title "Caja Madrid: Cruise".

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I don't know, but I assume the logo is recognizable enough in Spain.

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CajaMadrid is the most important bank in Madrid.
I guess this is about how easy you can get a loan (to borrow money) in this company.

This one have the same focus-attitude than a "The Economist".

Good One.

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I thought it said "taxe a cruise on your own yacht." My bad. Now it makes sense.

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agree with the lack of an image, they could use take a close up of a credit card or smething

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L337 finally makes its way into advertising.
Yay!!1! or not. Still...this ad hits pretty close to one of my own, in terms of typography. Damn!

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