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andrej dwin
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"gotta be something cultural" as we always say when we don't like an ad from some exotic region and don't want to sound politically incorrect.
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AdArena: Sex Sells

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How vulgar.

We're going to need more lube.

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Callum Hanlon

it could be a reference to the Beatles "Blackbird," which is typically a song learned by beginner guitar players.

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i think that the crow will stand on the guitar's neck coz the player will take a long time moving his hand from a position to another.. so the neck will seem a tree branch to the bird...

| everartz |

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sorry to say... but all your freaky ideas, for what it could stand...
ever seen the woodstock festival keyvisual? look at it and then try to
say something better... there is normally a white pidgeon on the gutitar.
so when you see a crow... the message is, that they are trying to be like
the woodstock stars but can't, because they are beginers.

for me it's fine. I think it's no goldwinner, but definetly ok...

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