Big ads are for big banks.
At First Community Bank, we're UN_BIG. Quite simply, that means better service, faster loan approvals and no merger nonsense to deal with.
UN_BIG also means we don't need gigantic advertisements to convince you we're better than the other guys. So, for the rest of this ad, enjoy a bonus crossword puzzle on us.

Advertising Agency: Sullivan-St.Clair Agency, Mobile, USA
Creative Director: Rich Sullivan
Art Directors: Daryl Evans, Diana Nichols
Copywriters: Rich Sullivan

August 2007


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There's no key here so you can't actually do it! It doesn't work, the others are better.

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That's what I thought at first as well. But, there is key, read the small copy.

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1238 pencils

Anyway, so done... to say "we don't need a big ad" in apparently different ways, that end up being all the same. These at least give us something to do instead of reading the boring copy.

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