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if only...

... its already been done...

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Think peace can be achieved by wearing the right kind of jeans?
That would be nice. I'd hook myself up with a pair.
Nice thought.
Peace through fashion.

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• ω •
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Very Diesel Kesselkramers

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158205 miles far from Diesel. Im sorry

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The modeling talent in all but the family execution are horrible. And the red-dress woman in that execution looks like a mannequin.

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This whole campaign gets a big fat MEH,

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i like the type. the rest is water downed diesel to bk's point.

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All that's missing is the Mung Beans.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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me thinks
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Piss off! Leave the pigeons.

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Why do people wearing jeans in jeans ads always look so damned uncomfortable? The guy in the fatigues on the other hand looks sublimely relaxed.

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pigeon is sad being tied. but i like the word "youniverse" btw, what to do with jeans?

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The italian patient
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DIESEL STYLE - Old and old and old

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Just silly, full stop!

For hire and desire ...

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