Criterion Knives: Watermelon

Fine Cut Knives.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bogota, Colombia
Creative Vice President: John Raul Forero
General Creative Director: Juan Jose Posada
Art Directors: Juan Jose Posada, Camilo Ruano
Account Manager: Fabio Quiroga
Art Buyer: David Alvarado
Photography: Dario Mora


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I definitely get a sense of solid and sharp.

I don't think it's super-easy to figure out what the foods are. I presume one half of each image is the reflection in the knife.

The images, as they are, I like.

But I have to figure out what it is, and I don't think that many people would stare at the ad for long enough to do that.

I think it'd be better if there was a hint more of the knife and of the food-type. Not like a 1900s framed picture, just a hint more.

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anónimo de la calle
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Are you serious??

I think the fruits are visible enough!

Are NOT a reflection.
The view obviously is inside the food!!!
(a melon, a kiwi and a fish!!!!)

anónimo de la calle

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I agree with you, Wordfruit. But still love the campaign..

I love to be criticized. Logical though.

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Oh, so it's looking up through the fruit, seeing the knife coming down?

I didn't see that.

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anónimo de la calle
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The knife is not in the execution.

(Just an illustration of the knife in the headline)

anónimo de la calle

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Ok, I have my bearings on it now.

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Think Big Bang Theory, dense darkness in the universe, in comes the knife and...

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Great print campaign. I like the watermelon out of the three.

The new dawn on cutting edge knives....from the other side of the universe.
(twilight zone theme in the background)


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Looks like the fruit is reflecting off the knife, so it doesn't 'obviously' look like it's from a view inside the fruit.

Sorry I'm not seeing sharp on these, just seeing a cut fruit. Or the melon is already cut, how else would a camera fit down there to take the shot? ;)

Also could do with some more pips on this one.

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anónimo de la calle
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The idea is simple, its about the effect of the fine cut in a fruit.
It's a beautiful ad. Nothing to do with a reflection.
The point of view of the camera is just a "creative license",
like campaigns where you see the point of view from inside a mouth.

anónimo de la calle

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Still doesn't say 'fine cut' to me, sorry.
I had to read your explanation to get the idea. I don't hate the idea, it just doesn't work as well as others to show sharp knives.

Still looks like a reflection though :P

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anónimo de la calle
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the problem is not the campaign, the problem is YOU!

anónimo de la calle

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Really mature, nice one.

Learn how to take criticism.

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An idea viewed in a different perspective. Like

Think. Then think again.

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Brilliant. The only thing I'm not sure about is the logo. Clashes a bit with the elegant tone of the campaign.

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I think everyone's giving the art idea too much credit.

It's a really interesting perspective.

I feel with a great line this might have been amazing.

Without it, it's just a knife cutting into fruit, seen from a different angle.

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An a different perspective. Like it.

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solid idea.

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A different perspective. Love the a whole but this watermelon is a fav. Good job guys. :)

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Great campaign !
i am like WORDFRUIT : i didn't see the "from interior view" at the first time, but the "cosmos allegory by a fruit cut" was already enough for me.
At the second time, i saw it, and now i found the visuel more and more perfect ! ;-)

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wow great job guys
this one awesome all of them

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