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i'm imagining froto and gimli and a couple of elves going at it. and that ain't doesn't come from reading.
these make no sense.

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i dont think so bro...

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Yeah rehpani, not the same idea. BUT the one you showed is a WAAAAAAAYYYYY better ad than the one above. It talks about being transported to magical lands and being directly involved in the experience. The ones YOU showed get an 8/10. :-)

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Agree. No read related. Bad, bad, bad. But visually, okey.

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i think the real character's face of frudo bagins if i spelt the name right is restricts and can not be used for commercial purposes, thats why they replaced it with someone whose as close as it could be, but still the idea isnt delivered well, there is some weakness in the concept..

| Everartz |

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Agreed with all above.

The selling point of GOOD books is that they are usually so descriptive they lay out what the character is wearing down to the leather patches on a houndstooth jacket. It's part of the immersion process. This is a weak idea, made even weaker by using Tolkien who was pretty thorough in his details.

By the way Ivan - why is the rating so high if 100% of commenters (so far) don't care for it? You should invoke a "no star ratings allowed" if you don't comment. That way "anonymous" people can't bump up the rating, and to rate it you actually have to give _real_ input. Just a thought.

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i like this campaing!...when we read we imagine the caracters as we wish in a different way directors do, and its more relevant when you read the book before u see the movie..several times directors dessapointed me with his casting..

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the artwork was an imaginative point of view for Frodo nice idea.
Imagine Frodo haven't thrown the ring to the lava.


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and the boat
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100% true.

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Well, I like the idea a lot! while watching a movie based on a novel, you simply get restricted with the imagination of the director. But you can create your own Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings when you are reading it. Therefore their point is quite valid.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” Picasso.

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This boy doesn´t looks like Frodo at all!

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maybe not to the frodo u have seen on the movie..aaaaaaaaaaaaah READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You guys are reading too much into this.

Positioned against stuff like movies and video games, here they are saying read and picture it with your mind. Its a smart strategy. The visuals are a little weird but they work...

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I like it

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notwithstanding all the nitpicking, i think the concept is strong, the insight is simple enough and the execution's interesting. it works.

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Javier Ramírez
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Este me parece que funciona un poco mejor que el de Harry Potter, porque lo diferente está en el atuendo y en la actitud del personaje.
Ambos, son aspectos que quizás el libro no restrinja totalmente, dejando cierta libertad a la imaginación de lector.

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yeah, we dont care what the author wants to say in his book .
THe same idea , DIFERENT copy

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