Crest 3D Whitestrips: Wine

Removes the merlot from the merlot.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Feakins
Executive Creative Director: David Corr
Copywriter: Jean Rhode
Art Director: James Rothwell
Photographer: Peter Schafrick
Art Buyer: Darielle Smolian
Print Producer: Kristan Gabriel
Published: April 2011


AdBuzzer's picture
1168 pencils

I'm confused - what is this ad trying to say?? That the toothpaste removes color from the food?? It should work on the teeth. Merlot may remain red.

atb2005's picture
13567 pencils

Coffee, merlot (or red wine), and cherries can stain your teeth. Makes sense now?

thedreamer's picture
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Those are harmless rubber bands that stick to your teeth and remove germs. I'm using it at home, really good result. :D* --> See ? Like this ad.

tamer samy's picture
tamer samy
683 pencils

If you think it's eye catchy, no it's not !

Themadartist1972's picture
325 pencils

rubbish !

Ameer Saban's picture
Ameer Saban
33 pencils

Good ad. In essence, it's simple: "This product cleaned my teeth so well, it's as if the wine had no colour in the first place."


bakamono's picture
1004 pencils

I thoguht this was a milk ad, so then it takes a black bird out of black bird?

because therefore it is

HappyHour's picture
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The executions Tommaso showed are far better. These look too much like milk, especially the coffee one considering you do pour milk into coffee cups.

atb2005's picture
13567 pencils

To me they both look milky. In any event, what other color can they possibly be? They can't be transparent. I find this new campaign, albeit a total ripoff, more polished.

adgoodie's picture
184 pencils

This campaign doesn't work. I get the idea but the execution is off.

jac12345's picture
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I want to like this for the beautiful execution. The images are flawless. However, this idea has been done, used and abused. Not only for teeth whitening, but for detergent, bleach, etc.

RajibDas's picture
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The ad is too milky... I'd have liked it if the actual color of wine (red) changed half way to white. guess then it'd make more sense.

rephlex's picture
64 pencils

doesn`t need the copy


prabalsr's picture
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good idea and very good execution

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