creativetrashback: Jeansmonster

Launch campaign of where creatives all over the world can dump and share their creative trash, so that other can recycle it.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\OSLO, Norway
Creative Director: Erik Heisholt
Art Director: Doffen
Copywriter: Simen
Illustrator: Chickenrhino, Fadlabi, Simen, Doffen with friends
Additional credits: Nicholas McLean, Benjamin Aker, Vincent Vestly

April 2010


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Call it collage. I don't see anything trashy here, just good design. Pardon.

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Creative wank!!!

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a sneaky way to collect unused ideas from agencies and creatives around the globe :)

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Exept the great art, this is total creative trash. and not in a good way.
just wierd.

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Shadow Ops
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this is one of those projects that the owner's friend does and he volunteers his guys to do it. Ughh...i hate these type of things...a lot of hard work for no reward. Just one mans opinion

Let's keep advertising fun

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This one is a bit strange. Hard to see what the idea is.

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