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Kinda like this one...feels like home :)

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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soooo, i won't be working there.

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Nice - not often an agency can do a decent job of advertising themselves.

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w plus k_ad
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Is it just me or is this visual virtually identical to the Harley Davidson "Build yours" campaign that Carmichaeal Lynch did a couple years back? You know, the one where the motorcycle parts were laid out to form the shape of a face.

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En alguna manera son iguales, el hecho de crear rostros con "algo",
pero el concepto que te transmite ésto me gusta.

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Next year some festival will make an exclusive category for all those "VIK MUNIZ" (http://www.vikmuniz.net) ripoffs...like barrio bonito, harley, this one, etc, etc, etc...

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again... we're talking about resources or techniques only, and we should talk about the concept behind the technique!... this one has a concept, barrio bonito has another (although it's not clear for me), harley has another, and so on.

i like this one, it's pretty cool, the only thing is that in some parts, it seems to me the art director just "took a easy way", "forming" what he wanted. Maybe the face itself shouldn't be so clean... and the paper should be like wrinkled or even torn in some parts, or wet...

i don't know, i like the concept but for me the whole thing should be shown in a more casual/natural way, you know what i mean?...

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The fact that you consider this a technique is because you saw so many ripoffs that this style become a commodity. For me it's not. Someone used that Vik Muniz first, all the ones that appeared later are copies (not of concept) for an art director, originality in technique is as important as originality in concept.

P.S.: The concept is old too

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i must agree with you, originality in technique is important too, but for me it´s not SO important as the originality of the concept. because if it was so, we could say using a photo as background is a technique, illustrations are a technique, and so on...

someone said an idea is a new combination of old elements, and i think that´s true. i think there are trends in advertising (specially in art direction), and it doesn´t mean they´re ripoffs. otherwise why would we say that´s 70´s, that´s 80´s?

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Done as well in a student awards book 2 years ago. YCN. Nice Visual Though

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Lorem Ipsum
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wa wa wee wa

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So this guys a hero huh? He runs Crea Y&R single handedly? He doesn't sleep, and drinks coffee like his klife depends on it, and during all that he finds the time to make up his own face using the coffee tainted bottom part of his mug. Vanity sure is sweet, or maybe Anna Rohozhnikova is just a super suck up...

iT-iS-i, like an upside down ! mark.

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this is good. i like, i hope you will like, is nice!

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i like the art direction and the idea
(maybe he dont have any family, hobbyes or social life)

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Like the visual, but the idea is just too much. ouffff

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