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December 2008

Print advertisment created by La Argolla, Costa Rica for CRBox Express, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: La Argolla, San José, Costa Rica
Creative Director / Copywriter: Paulo Chacón B
Art Director: Edgar Mora
Illustrator: Sergio Blanco

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don't get it....i'm the wrong client?

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nice idea, poor visualization..

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Nice campaign.

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two thousand two hundred million kids? erm.. you mean 2.2 billion? and sorry but this copy is not good. it's way too long. the joke of 'santa in numbers' is getting annoying and the punchline is not rewarding enough. shorten it and kill the bullets (yeah i guess that's what the client said, but you'll understand i have to say it anyway)

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No, they mean two thousand two hundred million kids, just in the english language you say 1 billion for saying 1000 million.
One million of million whould be 1 billion, and that's how it works in math.

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If you edit and break up the copy, it would be much easier to read.

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untill a few minutes ago, i thought santa was real..... you've ruined it...

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It's incredible how they practically "steal" the copy from this page ( Sometimes you read something and you have an inspiration for your work, but this is like: hey this copy is good, let's put an ilustration on top and sell it to the client.