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It's brilliant. love it....

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Way to go Sabco Art ... :)

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Mtl Dave
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Very simple message shown in a very simple way. Nice.

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Nic idea but i dont like the art direction

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MADE in the USA
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Yes it’s a nice visual for ‘continuous coverage’ I like the B/W contrasts simplifying the message delivery rather than forcing it even harder in color.


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This is an excellent piece of communication for the intelligent mobile users (almost all mobile users who matter are intelligent today, I suppose!!)

Visually brilliant, treatment very good, copy just adds to the message for the comprehension of the uninitiated TA. The campaign is very very extendable and could go on and on like "Nokia - Communicating People"

Only, it waits to be seen whether the client or the servicing people have the vision to take it to it's otherwise prosperous destiny.

And yes, as a consumer, I do not agree that the copy is weak, and neither I agree that the art direction weak.

Kudos to the creative team!!

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Great idea. They could have taken a better photo though. I reckon that they could have dropped the white box at the bottom as well.

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hello this same idea has done by o&m mumbai for hutch. and it ws iluustration.
thts the only difference. nothing more!!!

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Well it only means that great minds think alike..relax!..Did you not read the HOLY COW comment???

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murali duggineni

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i like it so much

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Awwww cool! Dammit, wish I'd thought of it.

Fail Harder.

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