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Bitch! I'm still in shock.

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Fuck! That's great and powerful. And it pisses me off.

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is it something bad that your wife will be happy after a while? i think these don't show something negative

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Are you crazy!!?
ofcourse it's a damn thing if i was in hell and someone else enjoying her!

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Me too, she even lets him wear her dead husbands shirts.

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Charlie Pratt
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Yeah, Photoshop'ing the face into the second photo...weird. Makes me wonder if he's had reconstructive facial surgery or something.


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daniel ieraci
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This exact idea was done a while ago for a removalist company. I can't remember the client name but the execution was the same layout with two photos of the interior of a house, the only difference between the two shots being a visibly different location in the window.

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Silver Surfer
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Great ad. Not only do I awish I had done the ad, but it makes me want to drive more carefully. Powerful and effective.

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Why? Why is everybody excited about this ad?.. For me it's not good.
The concept is not bad, i think it plays with some interesting insights, including jealousy, BUT... it seems like the due date arrived and they abandoned the idea before it was great. It started well but then I see the exact same photo, the same shirt, the same everything.. i know it's on purpose (of course), but why??? What does it mean???

Good is enemy of great. Sorry.

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I agree the execution could be better. It could be the same house, but the shirt and the face should be completly diferent. The way it is, may seem there's a secnd idea on the ad.

But the concept is so good that the ad is stil great.

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strong idea, it works!!

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Am I the only one that noticed the out of place watermarks of the headline and the logo? What’s with that? Fix your errors before you post them for everyone to see.

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Cold! i like
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Powerful and effective

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