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nieeeeeecccccccccccc!!! :-)

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I don't know which I hate more - this ad or your retarded, teenager spelling.

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really really forced combination of marlboro and BK. no relation whatsoever. stupid.

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bite me

bite me

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chintan ruparel
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the photography is kinda cool, bt d ad isn't hitting the right note i guess

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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the idea of mimicking marlboros ads with surgeon general warnings automatically casts an aire of danger and caution over this ad and burger king alike...if thats the aim of these spots, and they're actually anti-burger king ads, then i like them...if not...they're traveling in the wrong direction.

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making fun about cheezy marlboro ads, which they ran forever, not knowing any other usp than the cowboy, well then burgerking is kind of funny here because they are also very cheezy by doing so...but...not too brilliant...leaves an impression like...hey what are we doing while lunchtime?...well let's make some fun about the marlboro spots and use it for burgerking...so not too much thinking behind this...

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Maybe if the product had been like...the burger king texas whopper or something it would have made more sense.

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When did these ads run?

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