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Unusual for ice-cream. I like it.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Really good.

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Its ok. not too stunning but not bad either.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Do we really need to explain why this is bad?

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Got worried there for a second.

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Im guessing the idea was good when it was conceptualized... but the execution ruined it.

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Um. Please.

Italy did nicely at Cannes this year. Don't ruin it.

This is an unadulterated piece of crap.

FIrstly, it can be for any food that might have a bit of red in it:

Heinz - ketchup to die for
Sainsbury's - tomatoes to die for
Fruitworld - rasperries to die for
John's farm - beetroots to die for

Secondly "to die for"? Are you serious? Yes, in english we have the same phrase. It doesnt work well in an advert because:

a) nobody would actually die for any of the stuff we have to advertise, so its a blatant exaggeration beyond the point of reason.
b) there is a huuuuge 'death from obesity' message that clearly no-one has thought about
c) It truly is first thought. It is not an insight. Ideas come from insights. What is the insight here? How did the presentation to client go? Maybe:

"So, client, we've examined your product and closely studied your target market, and using our top notch methods we have identified and isolated one key truism that none of your other competitors could possibly claim"
"I'm intrigued"
"People would DIE for your ice cream"

And so cometh the genesis of an awful advert.

Unless there's some brilliant tactical thing I'm missing here, like someone in Italy got murdered in an ice-cream parlour or something?

The end.

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"b) there is a huuuuge 'death from obesity' message that clearly no-one has thought about" - haha, that's really crazy - this is an insight!

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And so cometh the genesis of an awful comment. The ad may not be great, but this comments literalistic idiocy steals the show.

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Not "literary" idiocy by any chance?

But you're right. When having a rant one should be more eloquent.

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idea is ok but execution sucks so badly, it kills the entire idea. WRONG WRONG WRONG

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Do you die only for strawberry ice cream?
Is there any hope for lemon?

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not the best of all ads.

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No. Next.

Think. Then think again.

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Horrible. Just horrible.

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I think the idea is pretty good, playing with the words 'to die for' and the image of red (strawberry?) splatters on a white t-shirt. However, I think it will be more visually pleasing and impressible if the girl was holding an ice cream licking it with more of the red topping smeared all over her mouth? Maybe it will at least have an added sexual appeal to it?

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