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I like this print.

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you work on chanbo publicydad

you wrote this ad?

otherwise, I can´t explain that ten stars

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Ok, I found it:

Correo Argentino, official mail of Argentina, offers the most diverse products and postal services.

But I still don't get it, why is he mailing himself with that broken arm?



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I think he is mailing himself to be near his people, his family. I really don´t know!!!!!!

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yes, you're right this is about the official mail of Argentina.

and there's a translation problem, indeed.
the meaning of this would be something like: "you'll feel you are carrying it (personally), without carrying it"

that's why the characters are holding with them the objects they want to send.
and as a whole they "simulate" how would they look inside the Correo Argentino's boxes or package. they adapt to their shape. therefore, "that broken arm".
a little bit far-fetched, i guess

hope this helped you!
see ya

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The problem here lays in translation.

I'm chilean and read these ads in spanish. They're supposed to say something like:

"Feels like your delivering it, without delivering it" (in person).

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thanks! that cleared up the message for me.

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smart one indeed.

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Tan dificil es? Es muy simple el mensaje. Vas a poder enviar tantas cosas, de tantos tamaños que el que las recibe va a sentir que estas cerca. Si estas cerca estas ahi, entocnes por eso muestran en la grafica que se enviaron ellos mismos. No es complicado el razonamiento de esta pieza.

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