Corporate Chhattisgarh: Faith

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, India
Creative Directors: Malvika Mehra, Amit Akali, Deepak Joshi
Art Director: Ravikumar/Sreejith
Copywriter: Manoj Jacob
Photographer: Asha Thadani
Typographers: PJ Shan Jose, Vipin Das, Ratheesh Erumeli

November 2008


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jai hind
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great ads dear

jai hind
art director

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where is the creative team when christians killing depredating while raping?

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Manoj Jacob :)

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Good question for christians and better for hindu people. But I'm not sure if there's a "faith" factor really acknowledged. Btw, moving mountains by faith is derived from the Bible, so I'm little bit confused to whom it's all directed? Pretty good campaign though.

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Yeah quite confusing, if i am not mistaken Chattisgarh is marred by Naxal and Maoist violence & can't quite figure out, whom they are aiming this at....
And i don't know how this serves any purpose in English either. Not many right wing extremists have even rudimentary knowledge of English.

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hey miko,
after the bombay bombings, i just got very, very pissed off about all the crap that's going on in the name of religion.
and wanted to scream my guts out at the illogical misinterpretation of religion.

however the client wanted to address the corporate employees.
cause more thyan the terrorists temselves there a are quite a few of corporate employees, students etc., with money to sponsor these bastards.

and i basically wanted to pose questions that may sow at least a seed of doubt into the minds of these wannabe fanatics.

and the faith move mountains almost everybody knows. so it is for everyone who is nurturing even the germ of an intention of becoming a religious fanatic.


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Manoj; thanks for explanation. I didn't know about that corporate employees, students etc... sponsoring terrorists. Always thought it's a matter of some paramilitary organizations deriving their money from rich individuals.
Personally I think that religious fanaticism is a matter of strange idea that one can FORCE another one to being "good" and lack of faith that right principles are the factor which should gain victory, not power. Plus, I'm pretty sure that if someone is a fanatic, he's probably incapable of reasoning and logical thinking, plus in one of the ads You suggest that God may not exist which sentence stays in direct opposition to the beliefs of the target. I mean: it's not a matter of existence, but rather very sense of ideology.
Stay well.

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you too bro... peace

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First do believe and go for it: to move a mountain...........

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wonderfully written. nimble, sensitive and touching!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Good lines/art direction combo.
Powerful stuff!
Nice work.

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Ravikumar, Sreejith, Manoj, Shan and Vipin made the cake. Amit and Malivika ate it with out any shame!

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are u Ravikumar?

Infected by a virus called CREATIVE | "And ya I Love Everything" |

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the copy is brilliant in this campaign

| Everartz |

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Good intention. Not sure everybody could understand.

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love you manoj :)

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awesome. topline copy and art direction. take a bow.


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brilliant art direction, nice copy

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Ravi / Manoj SUPERB STUFF !

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Ravikumar are u hiring ?

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i didn't like it... the message is superficial. razak

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Self detonating genocide zombies, please take note, what Mahatma Gandhi could acheive.

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why 'mere humans'? humans would have done just fine. though 'people' would have been a better choice.

would you do the same if it was your brand and your money?

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