Corona Paints: Superhero

Free your walls from doodles.
Washable walls.

Advertising Agency: Sancho BBDO, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Directors: Hugo Corredor, Giovanni Martinez, Diego Ortiz, Oscar Muñoz, Edward Jaramillo, Norman Tirano
Art Directors: Oscar Muñoz, Norman Tirano
Copywriters: Diego Ortiz, Edward Jaramillo, Andrés Celis
Photographer: Ale Burset
Post: Diego Speroni


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NY Belfry
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I had to think about this one myself.

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What does this mean, mate?

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NY Belfry
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The characters are supposed to be doodles and they're holding objects that are usually mounted on walls. Hence the solution to "freeing" the wall mounts from the doodles.

I kind of figured that these ads wouldn't be very clear, so yeah, not good.

driving's picture
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I dont understand!! sorry :(

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I say the ads are a bit hard to understand.

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didnt understand

In good ads we trust

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