Corona Extra: Beach Dump

Help us keep beaches as beaches
Corona Extra. Save the Beach.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Barcelona, Spain
Managing Creative Director: Alex Martinez
Creative Director: Carles Puig
Art Director: Miguel Angel Rico
Copywriters: Oscar Galan, Esteve Cardona
Published: April 2012


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nice art direction

groovy baby!

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I think that would get my attention flicking through a magazine.

You'd be preaching to the converted. But if I wasn't the converted, I think it could make me think...I guess both of those things are what the client wants.

Or they might want to preach to the converted.

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Siddarth Basavaraj
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extraaa good.

Love creating ads..

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I think its pretty boring. That aside, why is this message coming from Corona?

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I think it's some sorta community campaign. I really like the idea but I think it needs a little something extra to make the layout bit more interesting. Just my view. Job well done on idea.

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nice photos.

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too simple for me.

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spears ava
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