Corona Beer: Tiananmen

Tiananmen Square happens every day on our beaches.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Madrid, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Jaime Chavarri
Creative Directors: Alberto Quirantes, Santiago Elena, Ivan de Dios
Art Director: Néstor Santana
Copywriter: Carolina Piñeiro

May 2013


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my initial reaction is: so horrible. dont compare what happened to tianamen square to litter on beaches.

but then i think, ok. to animals i suppose it is. but still, using tianamen square is too strong and irrelevant.
a cause like this needs less borrowed interest, and more thought

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Peter Frank
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80's ad

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I thought I should do something to save the planet but apparently, turtle are in charge for it.

Junior copywriter

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Roger Keynes
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My initial reaction was... Like it! :)

But then, I thought... LIKE IT!!!

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Of course, man and turtles have the same value!

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I like the idea, but hate the execution. Also, you didn't need to ad "Tianamen square" cpoy... it's like over explaining it. Overall : fail.

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I wouldn't borrow Tiananmen Square for use in any ad. Even if it's about saving the turtles. How is this linked to Corona?

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Andrej Troha
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Tiananmen reference was used many times in advertising, as were many other historical photos. I don’t see any problem with that.
One of the best executions was by Sims snowboards. I’m sure you all remember this piece of brilliance:

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First reaction is confusing
Normally, baby turtles leave the beach and litter is washed onto shore..
It would have been crisper if the hatchlings would be climbing out of a trash littered sand nest

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simple and ...........

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