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lift your game bungle

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Not sure about this one...Appreciate the idea...Maybe the execution isn't quite where it should be yet.
At first glance I wasn't able to make out that that was cork. The way the smoke is trailing almost makes it seem like this is in the water and that the cork is actually some sort of boat. Immediately that Yamaha speed boat ad not long ago came to mind.

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good!!.it would be great if the campaign was for.... "win free carribean cruise for qantas flyers..."

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Weak. 1st level.

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I quite like the idea. Its really nice actually. But the Art could have been much much better. And strange-2 extremes. The other one sucks.

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I hate ads like these - where it's just very plain and you see one small tiny thing where the idea is supposed to live. It's so typical these days. Can't stand it.

And if I didn't see the title on this page I would have no idea what that flying this is. It looks like a chef's hat. Also, why are there 2 smoke trails? Does this cork have twin afterburners or something? There should only be one trail.

Weak idea. Even weaker execution.

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yap agree..
ads should sell!

and this kinda ad, does it sell?

end of joy, enjoy

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Look similar to something posted a while ago. I think it's about cruise ships or some kind.


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lift your game bungle