Corbis: Foam city

Search inspiration.

Advertising Agency: MSTF Partners, Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Directors: Lourenço Thomaz
Art Director: Lourenço Thomaz
Copywriter: Suzana Sequeira

October 2008


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Enlighten me.

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The J

They all make reference to famous ads

I find it clever, i like it

this one:

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ok, the 5 of them by order:
Sony cybershot, Axe chocolate man, Honda CHoir, Sony bravia LCD, Cadbury's Gorilla
smart thinking

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haha cybershot camouflaged.
but campaign simple and directed to the target.


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I like it because is clean, very creative concept


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john doe
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do i miss the point or is this just a very boring ad?

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I'm with john doe. They are all boring as hell... There are much better angles.

The target will get it but are they gonna find it smart? Or just plain lazy? I know I did.
And are they trying to say something buy choosing 3 fallon ads out of 5? And the set of pictures chosen are a bit off. They seem like the ones I'd choose to describe them after seeing the ads, not the ones that would get me inspired before making them...

...or am I missing the point??

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You're probably right, besides these are tv ads... inspired by a...photobank?

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You find inspiration in a photobank to create... tv ads... hmmmf it's nice tho.

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So the idea here is that you find these images in their image bank and you come up with great TV ads.

That's a nice thought but totally wrong.

To find these images you have to type in a keyword. I can't find a keyword that connects these 4 images that will then inspire me to create the Sony Cybershot ad.
That means I have to type in different keywords for each image. That way I already know what I'm after.
In other words, I got my inspiration elsewhere and I am just looking for images to put on my mood-board to accompany the storyboard.

I think that the real target for image banks is not ATL advertising agencies but BTL & PR-agencies, publishing houses that do magazines, etc.

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Guest commenter

someone loves fallon a bit too much me think

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I think it misses the mark by quite a bit. I don't want to search anything referencing work that's already been done. Especially when illustrated with boring pictures.

If you're targeting creatives show me a platypus, Saturn, a football and a carton of milk and talk about being able to inspire creativity.

- Commenting in all caps with poor spelling and grammar is so done before -

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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Good idea, but I agree with Toro : Image banks are not made for inspiration.
Why do they all communicate on this ?

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Javier Ramírez
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You´re wrong my friend. In the last years, the image banks started to sell themselves like inspirators. Because, some creatives use it for inspiration.
Look at this:

Te equivocas amigo. En los últimos años, los bancos de imagenes se venden a si mismos como inspiratores. Porque alguno creativos lo usan para eso.
Mira esto:

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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Peraphs you’re right Javo, some creatives do. Anyway, I don’t think that’s the good way, to find things like Cadbury or Sony bravia. Thanks for your answer.


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Javier Ramírez
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Simple and clear...for the target!

Simple y claro...para el grupo objetivo!

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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Dude we apparently are pay to have new ideas, not look in some bodys pictures and put a line on it. i think we are the target and this add sucks, the concept its wrong.

El que sabe, sabe arte. El que no, es redactor.

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