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Ok, so we need someone who proofreads our tripe. We shall come up with the ideas and the candidate is expected to sniff out awkward errors from the same. On our occasional trips to the loo or the smoking room or the pool table, the said candidate could try his luck cracking ideas, but has to build his own bunker to get them approved...

Well Dear Sirs, thanks but no thanks...!

- The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.

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Proofreaedr wanted.

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right, thats not the job of a copywriter

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Guest commenter

Hello. My name is Udo, and I am the one you need for the job.

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As a copywriter, this doesn't appeal to me - I need to know why I should apply for this job at this company. At the moment it looks like I'd have no creative input there.

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We don't come up with ideas. We steal visual puzzles that we saw in a joke book aged 12. Want a job?

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ranting mad ad men
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tonic is losing it too, must be something about dubai

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Sounds as though you guys above know the market well in Dubai.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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This is pretty sad.

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ranting mad ad men
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yup, did a stint in dubai

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This is Sad.Evokes a tear or two.The triangle is actually pointing down.Get a mallu in your team.They are like sand in Dubai.Something might work out.All the best.

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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Like a fish market gone tabloid. No credibility. No offense to the retrenched writers.

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Saw this exact idea (different art/copy) in the back of an Aussie trade mag.

Why is it ads for advertisers are always so bad?

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Notice the agency is making its own recruitment ad. Agencies making their own ads need to be shot! How can it be an honest and unbiased representation or communication. Its like a bio of yourself written by you on a dating site (and your very very desperate), it just doesn't make sense :(


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