Copywriter festival: Text, 4

Honestly, was it worth it to put this photo? Copywriter 2009.

Advertising Agency: Escuela de Creativos Brother, Chile
Creative Director / Art Director: Daslav Maslov
Copywriter: Andrés Tampassi
Photographer: Sergio Celume / Inercia
Published: November 2009


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Too much effort to be creative makes you be stupid.

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i liked this copy the most......they say a picture is worth thousand words, but here its vise versa

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Don´t like this campaign

but I have to say that is the first chilean ad written in their own language so I can guess...

IS NOT A FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you make me cry

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if i were the guy who created this ad i would say "for copywriters who never copy"

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nyaha! now this one made me smile.
Lol worthy even.

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