I helped a copywriter become a creative director.

Homeless and disable people are helping many advertising professionals to achieve success. Not mentioning the ones wounded in wars and the ones infected with AIDS, who are always giving a helping hand. But, isn’t it the other way around? Next time you have a brilliant idea for a starving nation, war refugees or AIDS victims ad, remember to ask yourself this: brilliant for whom?

Clube de Criação do Rio de Janeiro

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+Draftfcb Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Directors: Adilson Xavier, Cristina Amorim, Fernando Barcellos
Art Director: Marcelo Lobo
Copywriter: Rafael Pitanguy
Photographer: Gustavo Malheiros

June 2007


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this is good... public interest advertising fot the use of public interest advertising... holds true sometimes, especially if you consider whom these ads serve in the long run but i'm sure that we can create compelling social messages and we ve seen this work many times... very nice art direction btway. Maybe it will get the creatives who talked about homeless people helping creatives evolve professionally, shortlisted in cannes..

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Finally! A campaign that actually kicks all those social service scams(that seem to be doing nothing
beneficial to the cause advertised for) in the ass. If these scammers would stop creating ads to appear
on each blog on the planet and win metals, we would have some social service actually done through

Good job Giovanni+Draftfcb.

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hey abt takin some time off criticizing someone else's work and doin some of ur own????

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Or, perhaps it should have said, 'I've helped a copywriter raise awareness and improve the quality of life for people like me.'

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ok..So how much money did Giovanni+Draftfcb Rio de Janeiro, Brazil donated for those " models" on the ad?... Because it looks to me that it is bitting it's on tail...If you do that for the reasons they so proudly present on the ad they should not be entering any awards with it...but I'm sure it will be in cannes this year...I bet a meal it will.

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Surely its the clients who pay for the phography, thats the way it works everywhere else, why would it be different at Giovanni+Draftfcb Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?

I think you meant how much did Clube de Criação do Rio de Janeiro pay the models?

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drunk dave
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You're obviously new to this game. Pro-bono the agency pulls favours and pays for shoots and retouching. That's why we take the glory of awards and do daring work for 'save this and that' campaigns. The client has to trust us otherwise he doesn't get an ad of any noteworthy quality. So yes, we should get the increases in salary and heaped with metal - we're the ones taking the risk in the first place.

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How do you get that I am 'obviously' new to this game.

Not every agency works like that. Some work within their budget, and they don't have to pay it themselves. Maybe you haven't worked in many, or perhaps you're obviously new to this game, or old and past it?

And anyway, I'm not saying the creatives shouldn't get the glory, they worked for it, fair enough, but they shouldn't get the criticism these ads are dishing out. You should read the comments before making your conclusions.

Honestly, 'That's why we do this...', 'We should get this...', 'This is how it all works...', 'we're the ones doing this..' you sound like a right cock mate.

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drunk dave
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Majority of probono accounts don't have bugdets here, so sorry if I'm mistaken. Agencies take them on to get exposure, do great work and help the cause. And I didn't sling names at you, so why don't you suck my big fat hairy, "sound like a...".

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Apologies for the insults.

Since you asked to suck your big fat hairy "?", we can call it quits.



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drunk dave
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Disco Munky
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Doin' it for the points

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Darrin Stephens
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As smart as these ads are (and as much as I love them), don't they continue the cycle and commit the same sin? Do the creators of this ad expect me to believe these won't be entered in every award show and lead to promotions and raises for themselves. Who the hell is fooling who here?

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"Aquí también se opina en español y em português".

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

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GODLIKE!!!! finally! From now - i'll donate each bum i see (:

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That's the truth. Very good.

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WOW!!! Slap in the face.


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i believe this ads commit the same sin they're criticizing. there's a "holier-than-thou" attitude going on here. they're good, but in the end, what are they doing? i don't know... seems like a vicious circle.

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I just hope you paid the homeless models a couple of hundred bucks out of your own pocket.

And I'd like to think you did this out of the goodness of your own heart, not for awards.

So you really shouldn't accept any awards over this as well.

"I partly helped a team become joint CDs because I did an ad that actually helped homeless people and they took the piss out of it to win an award."

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Simple basic fact: These ads are GOOD. And this campaign works. No arguments.

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I hate to be a party pooper but this insight has been done before. There is a competition in India called the "concerned communicator" awards. A junior team from McCann Erickson did this exact message - they came 34th and 35th. The execution was not as nice. You can check it out here: then click on 34 and 35.

I hope these creatives aren't lecturing the industry while copying others? Chances are though, they're probably just guilty of something we've all done - not realising we're first to the punch.

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I don't know.........

It reminds me a cannes tv ad a few years ago.....

Yes, my profile picture is my dog on my sister's bed, with a pillow and a blanket...

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Can anybody pls tell me which one came earlier. This one or the one that won last years cca -december fever

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Really nice idea....very strong, but will not click to the target audience getting infected by aids

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observant vicky
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this is something called out of the box and very simple. Good work man....keep it up.

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