Copella: The fruit of our knowledge, Spelling

Sourcing the best Worcester Pearmain, Ribston Pippin & Egremont Russet apples takes a rare skill. And quite some talent for spelling. The fruit of our knowledge.

Advertising Agency: DDBUK, London, UK
Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Art Director: Feargal Ballance
Copywriter: Patrick McClelland
Designer: Pete Mould
Photographer: Robert Leveritt
Planner: Ami Smith
Account Manager: Peter Gooch
Account Executive: Flemming Lerche
Published: April 2011


JeffGreenhouse's picture
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This designer needs a refresher on how to place type over images. For starters, having that much text clogging the main focus of the photo isn't great. And using yellow type over a photo with yellow areas, with no shadowing or border, is another big no-no.

mr.x's picture
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Shadows, strokes and borders are all big no-no's in my book.

miko1aj's picture
3098 pencils

agree :)

mark3r's picture
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BART1234's picture
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Shadows, strokes and borders may be no-no's, but to put the text in white would maybe in this case be a big yes-yes...
Like the headline, though:)

Glut's picture
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not sure about this campaign,

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