Copella: The fruit of our knowledge, Label

We called it Copella because ‘Worcester Pearmain Egremont Russet Sturmer Pippin Tydemans Early Worcester Falstaff Red Delicious Honey Crisp Royal Gala Cripps Pink Braeburn Cox Orange Pippin Grenadier Howgate Wonder Idared James Grieve Jonathan Katy Ribston Pippin Spartan Granny Smith Bramley Golden Delicious Greensleeves apple juice’ wouldn’t fit on the label. The fruit of our knowledge.

Advertising Agency: DDBUK, London, UK
Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Art Director: Feargal Ballance
Copywriter: Patrick McClelland
Designer: Pete Mould
Photographer: Robert Leveritt
Planner: Ami Smith
Account Manager: Peter Gooch
Account Executive: Flemming Lerche

April 2011


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best ad of the bunch.

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I like the concept and the copy, but I don't like the image. This doesn't look like any apple orchard I've ever seen (I have several ag clients). Why is that bunching of apples on the ground? I'd have tried to get a better beauty shot to start with. This doesn't look like a decent orchard.

Pincuid's picture
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At least the contrast is a bit better in this one and the copy more appropriate

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