Copella: The fruit of our knowledge, Hobbits

Ribston Pippin, Sturmer Pippin & Cox Orange Pippin. They’re not Hobbits, they’re our apples. The fruit of our knowledge.

Advertising Agency: DDBUK, London, UK
Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Art Director: Feargal Ballance
Copywriter: Patrick McClelland
Designer: Pete Mould
Photographer: Robert Leveritt
Planner: Ami Smith
Account Manager: Peter Gooch
Account Executive: Flemming Lerche
Published: April 2011


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Helmet Chrome
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Well thank God because I've already had my glass of Frodo for the day.

Going to be clueless here but what does a bunch of odd sounding apples mean to me as someone looking for a fruit drink? Do they even taste good together?

Sorry but all these fall short for me, like Hobbit short.

HappyHour's picture
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I had the same thought as Helmet Chrome at first (minus all the uberwitty puns), but I don't think their value proposition is aimed towards "someone looking for a fruit drink." I think it's more a statement of their dedication to the advancement of great apple juice through a superior knowledge and selection of rare apple varieties.

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I agree with HappyHour. A very simple but effective way of showing that Copella goes beyond making just some "standard" apple juice.

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