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Nice try guys, but Mic Mac Mall has you beat in the "let's piss in the lake we drink from" department.

I doubt if this effort can top Mic Mac Mall's colossal marketing gaffe of killing Woody the Talking Tree to the dismay of thousands of his fans. Sure he was old and tacky, but he was beloved by the community for nearly 30 years. Negative press in every local medium, and a Facebook group of over 10,000 mostly irate and saddened folks representing every demographic category of the mall's customer base.

Talk about making an emotional connection with your audience!

Your latest effort for Park Lane will generate some press and quite a few emails to be sure (not many of them complimentary, I'll wager). I'd also be surprised if it runs more than once in this market.

But not to worry, it will probably show up in Applied Arts, or better yet, Best of Show in the Extreme, (I mean) Ice Awards, or another creative "beauty pageant" where effectiveness and results are not even a consideration in the criteria.

Sure glad I'm not the client paying big fees for your creative indulgences and at the expense of my market share and brand equity.

These ads are not clever ha ha, they are simply mean-spirited and elitist. I know, I know, you'll say that's exactly the demographic you're aiming at. But guess what - those people do their shopping in New York, Montreal, or London - not Park Lane. Talk about missing the boat, you've missed them both.

Probably a weiner at the Ice Awards, but not even a contender in the "nice awards"

Welcome to the Maritimes!


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