Coopertax SP: Don’t Mix, 1

Alcohol and Driving

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+Draft FCB, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Adilson Xavier, Ricardo John
Head of Art: Benjamin Yung Jr
Art Director: Bruno Brasil
Copywriters: David Romanetto, Luiz Kanadani
Illustrator: Mockup 10
Photographer: Leandro Texeira
Published: February 2011


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I don't quite get what's the connection between the copy and the artwork. Can anybody explain?

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"It's difficult to get the little bits of corn from your dental braces. That's why you shouldn't eat corn when you drive with dental braces. Especially important to remember that mouthwash has an alcohol content that *could* take you over the limit. As has aftershave. But if you're watching this ad, you're probably too young to read. So go ahead, take a couple slugs of Pop's Old Spice while you drive, Doesn't matter. You're as real as these ads. And just as effective. Please crash responsibly while laughing at attempts to steer a client into a target market."

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personally, I liked this piece. the art is eye catching and while it did take me a second to "get", once I did I thought it was funny.
Alcohol and Driving don't mix like corn on the cob and braces.

CuriousPencil, I'm curious why you feel this ad is ineffective?

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Because it's lighthearted and shouldn't be.
Because it addresses 'things that don't go together' rather than 'things that can kill'.
Because its fundamental thinking - "you wouldn't kiss after eating onions, so don't drink and drive" is so unconnected as to be laughable.
Because just because something looks pretty and has words doesn't make it a good ad.
Because it would be better as an ad for a toothbrush.

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Because hater gonna hate.

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I too feel that this will not work. Message is simple but execution's quite forced. As for the artwork, sure it's catchy, but it'll take more than that for this to work. Just an opinion. :)

"Nihil sub sole novum"

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why to waste time on ads with nice art direction and weak concept ?

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Waaaay too forced.

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Can anybody explain?

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