Converse: Fall/Winter 2011, 5

Advertising Agency: in House Converse
Creative Director: Brandon Avery
Art Directors: Hadley Adams, Simone Bilota
Photographers: Jeremy Weiss, Claire Weiss / Day19
Project manager: Jess Oldham


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Roger Keynes
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Nice try, guys.
But this is lacking a clear strategy, ... and thus, soul and feel.
This comes across as the Converse lawyers' Right Way to say 'Just Do It.'

Will Think for Salary

kleenex's picture
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The Right to do a crappy ad, Converse!!!

Glut's picture
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very lame series

tracyzhang's picture
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I don't think the entire campaign is that bad although this one isn't good at all... I think a more streamlined series of ads would be better - Converse can salvage something from this.

anabermejillo's picture
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What is she escaping from? Weird concept and poor ad to me

incoming's picture
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These ads just needs a push. A little something extra. Not bad, but can DEFINITELY be improved.

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