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Guest commenter

nice work i like the idea

Patrick McHugh Advertising Photographer's picture
Patrick McHugh ...

I love it. Quite a simple concept with a very obvious impact and message. Advertising at it's best.

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dew drops
90 pencils

good idea and good art

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Guest commenter

Nice idear - but in this picture the model looks bored/ uninspired and the photoshop is not really convinsing.

The others are good.

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lucy cheetham

i have trouble understanding some adverts and this is one of those i dont understand

ylonmcx's picture

well so you shouldn't comment others people work because of that problem of yours

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1949 pencils

This one is the only one that works of the three... and it's ok.

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commercial artist
62 pencils

Okay. Here I go with my first negative comment on Ads of the World.

Two things:

A. There is no need for an over-exaggeration with the pavement crumbling under her feet. Showing the purse pulling the woman into the store is more than enough to convey the concept.

B. The store looks really cheap and really run down too. Odds are a person wouldn't be spending too much in this store. If the store looked more high-end (Prada, Gucci etc.) than it would make more sense.

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2029 pencils

these are not negative comments.
they are true so they are very constructive.

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Crisp One
2005 pencils

thanks for the warning, i don't think we coulda handled it unless you lubed it up first

.....good points, agreed

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28 pencils

The art is bad, but the idea is so ironic!isn't it?

dthlb72's picture
545 pencils

I agree with you, nice idea but execution a bit over-done

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A. Bremel

1- True
2- True

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1494 pencils

the typeface and layout seem to be lifted from an adidas ad about 5 years ago.
like the idea though.

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Guest commenter

The shadow on the floor is all wrong too. The hand cannot have as sharp a shadow as the leg which is much nearer to the ground. Learn the basics.

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1685 pencils

Yeah, the idea works. Keep working on the art direction and details.

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dew drops
90 pencils

i agree with commercial artist

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Guest commenter

wonderful, i like it

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54 pencils

İyi Reklam, Kötü Reklam

yorum için; www.fikirbenim.blogspot.com

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Guest commenter

The concept with these is nice. But visually it's a classic example of putting too much faith in retouching and the comping of multiple images together. Unless your DI studio is Industrial Light and Magic, try to get it right as best you can through the original photography, not retouching. Otherwise you end up with this fake look. It's not just this campaign, more and more are starting to look like this nowadays. The craft of photography is giving way to these digital imaging jobs but unless it's very very good, it just doesn't look quite right.
Nice insights though.

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Dan Bishop, nice shot.

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Guest commenter

really nice best one amoung the three

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40 pencils

哇 主题很明确

so good!!


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166 pencils

Can someone explain why the shop is so shabby? While the girl is sleek and modern looking. Why would she have an overwhelming desire to shop in this place? I really like the idea, but the shop and the girl don't jive.

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Guest commenter

decidedly average

like my comment

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Guest commenter

back ground totally out of place. good idea. bad execution.

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222 pencils

so cool!

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