Connoisseur Gourmet Yoghurt: Passion

Advertising Agency: Cumminsnitro Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Sean Cummins
Art Director: Tian Murphy
Copywriter: Gareth Sweet
Retoucher: Inness Robins, Electric art.
Photographer: Scott Newett
Creative group heads: Jason Hynes, Julie Poulter
Published: February 2009


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what´s the idea here?

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yogurt so thick you could sculpt it. i thought it was saying 'light' yogurt before reading the line.

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wow. how can you not get this? it could not be more clear.

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Jizz comes (if you'll pardon the pun) in many forms but it's still jizz. Or did I miss something?

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Guest Commentator
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mmmm. good one

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Sadly the yoghurt does not live up to the hype. Far from being a premium product, it is a yoghurt-based food product, using maize starch and gelatin as cheap thickeners. The company also does not seem to know their market, as gelatin, a slaughterhouse by-product that is unusual in desserts in Australia, cannot be eaten by vegetarians. Mmm! Meat plus fruit flavoring = tasty.

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does anyone know if this yoghurt is gluten free?

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