Condor Trip: New York

Brush your teeth anywhere you go.

Advertising Agency: OPUSMULTIPLA, Brazil
Creative Director: Flávia Rennó
Copywriter: Gustavo Frare
Art Director: Keith Lauer
Account Director: Valmera Ciampi
Account Executive: Leticia Balbinoti
Photographer: Vivian Mortean
Illustrator / CGI Imagery: Keith Lauer


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your mom
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son, this took me a while to get it. hummm. its a little confusing. but i guess is ok,

Don't argue with your mom!

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Diana Báez Castelán
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This is weird. I think it could be funnier if they put that toothbrush in the statue hand ;D

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When you see the finish you immediately know it's a bathroom.

sacrilegend's picture
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I get it. I just don't like it. The metaphor is way too stretched. Either the line needs reworking, or the image does. It's just not all the way there yet.

faissalo's picture
733 pencils

I agree though something isn't right. Perhaps it's the text. Unnecessarily 3d and placed. And maybe a tiny bit more bathroom hint?

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Agreed. This is quite mind-boggling!

Make the logo Bigger and the black, Darker!

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Finally a campaign without Pork, Cow and Chicken. Congrats, I like.

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Great campaign. Work well, is easy to understand and original. Congrat.'s picture
19 pencils

Du caralho rapaziada

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3D do cacete, idéia ruim.

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