Samsun's picture
15 pencils

simple and clear~!

Rog's picture
6092 pencils

and underwhelming. Sorry.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

lucyinthesky's picture
44 pencils

cool, that's the real advertising

afterbyrne's picture
215 pencils

Now that's nice and simple.

griffin7's picture
76 pencils

At first glance I thought it was for Global Warming

chintan ruparel's picture
chintan ruparel
1516 pencils

yeah, same here..evn i 4 a secong thought its global warming again...
bt nice n clever ads..

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

Kateter's picture
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it's boring as hell. what's in it for me? show me a picture of bazaar in Damascus (no twists, no funny gags, no nothing, just a beautiful picture) and I'll forget NY or Paris in the same second. it's festival material that's a complete waste of money in real life. sorry, not worth mentioning.

Caesar's picture
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Thumbs up.

Stigset's picture
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Can someone please explain these ads to me ? is it that with this agency you get to see the most imoprtant stuff of a city without all the hassle around ? hhm I don't get it

ChuckNorris's picture
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tourists usually only see the statue of liberty and other cliche places when they go to NYC.

Stigset's picture
1454 pencils

So ? what does this ad tell me? what does this agency do that the others don't ? Sorry but I still don't get the message. Wouldn't it be better if they showed stuff you don't normally see in NY ?

sloppy4's picture
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actually, in the harbor, that's pretty much what it looks like without a photoshop job. the paris one i get. this one, not so much. maybe a different angle where the city would have been in the background. or use the empire state building.

afterbyrne's picture
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I think it works really well. As some one who has never been to America

the ad doesn't say "Get to know more about New York Harbour." and there has to be more to NY than just a statue.

I think the message would have been lost if they had the harbour in the background.

Its a really simple message. There is more to NY than just the statue of liberty, come and see and learn about the place.

Being Australian I wish people would understand there is more to us than Kangaroos and the Sydney Opera House :)

euclid the greek mathematician's picture
euclid the gree...
98 pencils

Now I get it! That should be the copy! It's more straight forward.

credosian's picture
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sorry. Pretty unconvincing.
really dosent make me want to go to newyork.

love the style. but the ad is on the floors.

you may call it "oops!"

Be awesome :)

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Jet Propulsion Lab
10681 pencils

Yeah, but the thing is, to get to "know her", you have to come to New Jersey! ;D
That's what she looks like from my living room window (more or less.) I'm just so glad I don't have to sleep in that cesspool that is Manhattan!!

ChuckNorris's picture
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yeah, let's pretend jersey is better than nyc...sure.

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
10681 pencils

I just work there. I don't have to sleep in it, too. Long-time Manhattan resident. Just got sick of it. Actually, my commute is now much shorter and the cost/quality of living much better.
I guess that's why people are crossing the river IN DROVES to live in Jersey City area in recent years. You may have noticed the rapid change in the skyline over across the Hudson.

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