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Yep, nice. Not very sure about the position of the claim and the packshot

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the whole kids drawing thing is a bit 1999, but it still looks cool.
good idea.

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this is very smart. it combines both the product benefit and the consumer insight (kids drawing all over the place). i love it

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simply awesome!

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uhmmmm... cute idea, but it doesn't look like it protects the child's teeth.. looks like a toothbrush for your kid pets or something..
anyway, one execution would be enough. there´s no need for the other two ads.

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I'm not sure I would agree with this view. I think if we look at it this way (as spiralz)we are seeing this series of ads in a bit narrow way, since we would emphasize on the gimmick used ( which are the pets) instead of the broader context in which the pets are used (usually some children drawing books have pets for them to colour so that kids can play and learn at the same time). However, you do have a point Spiralz on the other two ads being needless. Perhaps one of them could have been the picture of a family or even a baby (with one teeth;-)))) so as to avoid limitations.

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very clever take on an old cliched idea...great job!!

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yes, Raz21, i agree with you... maybe that's because they are using only pets drawings.. this doesn't justify the need for three executions and limits the idea only to animals, in a kids context, but animals anyway... as you say, would be better to use different drawings.. like the family

or maybe if the ads were used as a drawings for the kids to put the colors in... but with a material that prevents coloring the teeth area.. teeths would keep white even when the kids try to put some color on them

sorry for my english :)

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Now your last suggestion would make a really cool start for a direct mail brainstorm or perhaps a btl promo (perhaps co-operate with some dentists and have those drawings for the kids to colour while waiting for the dr. or something). Would have to figure out the material that keeps the teeth white though;-)

ps:i see nothing wrong with your English!:-)

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Good catch.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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nice& matching the market segmant tey are talking to + the illustration good and childish

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even after looking at the glo toothpaste ads, i love these condor ads.

i think these have a complete different feel & work much better to talk to the audience, (parents and children), and are nice to look at.

the great illustrations really help!


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Corona Raymaker
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This is ridiculous! It's supposed to be a childs drawing but looks like done by a pro-designer.
The Kelloggs-Ad is 1000 times better in both, idea and execution.

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It's not supposed to be a childs drawing it's just talking to the child the same eay he thinking and also to parents cu the people make buying decision are almost parents

that's different

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actually i would say that these are indeed supposed to look like a childs drawing...in a way its 'drawing' a correlation to kids coordination, saying that they brush the same way they draw...messy and near completely uncontrolled. but, with this product none of that matters, their teeth will still get clean and stay white.

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S.M. Shaikh

The Idea is nice and smart, It's not talking to any one but for sure it will make a majority of parents and children curious and get involve with the looks of it. That's where you miss an opportunity with an incomplete execution like the dog and the croc ads this one is the best.

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Thumbs up. I like this so much.

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very nice!

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i love the art direction!!!

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