Condones Vive: Textured Condoms, Shoes

Maximum Pleasure

Advertising Agency: El taier /Tribu DDB, Guatemala
Creative Director: Jorge Solorzano
Art Directors: Victor Pardo, Eddy Flores
Copywriters: Antonio Furlan, José Figueroa
Illustrator: quadstudio

May 2016


pierrelastname's picture
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very bad.

Nufleg's picture
64 pencils

I think they're good. Made me chuckle and got the point across.
I'm not 100% sold on the Art Direction (I'm sure they could look more inviting) but still like them.

Temple's picture
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Was the brief "sell condoms to women"? Otherwise, I don't see why they exclude 50% (actually much more, since it's men who buy the condoms) of their target market.

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nice stuff!

kleenex's picture
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Well it sure is different, BUTTT I do not think it sells the product.

Jhonny's picture
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Maybe= "Textured condom: Maximum Pleasure for woman"

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George Souza's picture
George Souza
116 pencils

hahaha, awkward and funny

miko1aj's picture
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what a strange comments... condoms for women? Of course not but GIVING pleasure for women is the theme. It's quite nice idea except the fact that condom rarely is pleasure at all.
Good idea.

Temple's picture
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I hate to burst your bubble, but giving pleasure to women has never been the first objective for males, since time immemorial. And this is why you and I are sitting here, writing comments on aotw.

George Souza's picture
George Souza
116 pencils

But being more pleasant to woman is a fair motive to choose a condom.

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
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+1 @ George Souza
And btw I like this strategy.

lezy's picture
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i guess the motive of the ad is that "u can screw so many girls, if u wer a condom"
i like it

but the execution cud hav been bettr...

Statler and Waldorf's picture
Statler and Waldorf
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S: That condom must smell of shoes.
W: Its for trannies!


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