June 2007

Lacking energy?
When the smallest of tasks become a burde, you should take Ginsana - a more natural way to restore lost energy.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Director: Duarte Pinheiro de Melo
Art Directors: Duarte Pinheiro de Melo
Copywriters: Alexandra Duarte, Tomás Mayer
Photographer: João Palmeiro

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Crayon's picture
Activity Score 163

In my opinion there is a kind of double message and one of them is not for the product.not so clear IMHO

puppiepoppy's picture
Activity Score 1634

This ad looks difference from the other 2 ad. This ad should have a visual of a guy but the woman is super huge (niceeee!) on the bed! hahahahaaaa.

jessicahoppe's picture
Activity Score 72

I like it, I think besides some double message it's still funny...and i mean what's so wrong if the second message would then be that he gets even more power to + his girl...? Nothing, ha?

So nice, high five.

Crayon's picture
Activity Score 163

Agree. Maybe it's not so complicated and it's good. But i think this idea has been shown ordinary. Either I, with my 1 month experience in copywriting, could create smth like that. It's not idea of the pro...

puppiepoppy's picture
Activity Score 1634

The visual connote to me that the guy ONLY has intention to put on the condom; but not xxxxing the babe (hence the babe is not super huge). I'm just comparing the other 2 ads of the campaign. This seems the weakest among the weak. Maybe a bit of Ginsana would help with the creative. lol

Crayon's picture
Activity Score 163

if condom is so big, i just can imagine how big his d***,but i wouldn't)))

no-ideas-original's picture
Activity Score 106

These adverts are sh#t

miko1aj's picture
Activity Score 3086

This campaign is DRAMATICALLY bad executed. Ugh...

Arisca's picture
Activity Score 164

Yet again, the guy may lack the energy because he is so gigantically endowed. "A more natural way"... compared to...? "You should take Ginsana"... Give the thing absolute urgency, don't turn it into an advisory prospect. The "Force of Nature" signature kind of glues two of the ads together in a funny way, but the classroom one is totally left outside. Well intentioned but weak, i think.

Crayon's picture
Activity Score 163

endline: force of nature doesn't fit with visual at all...

Arisca's picture
Activity Score 164

A man with a humongous dick and a gigantic dog... Even if not intended, i do think it does.

Crayon's picture
Activity Score 163

in this contex then we should talk about growth hormones)))

k-rocka's picture
Activity Score 426

We've seen a better campaign with people holding over sized objects.

mauricechike's picture
Activity Score 42

CRE8IVE: crazy and hilarious...
whats teh message again?


Crayon's picture
Activity Score 163

the message is: put away your eyes from this print

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Activity Score 131


rainman's picture
Activity Score 267

these are early, first-round brainstorming ideas at best. They should have evolved more.

mariayya's picture
Activity Score 150

not nice to look at... lacks art direction, and the message is confusing. Just seizing the chance to show a big condom! Doesn´t work for me

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Activity Score 2171


Sharp's picture
Activity Score 216

They "g" and “y” are missing due to the background in the word “energy” in the tagline. Thinks like this should be fixed before press.

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Carlos Duty
Activity Score 96


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Activity Score 32

wow he must have a super big who who dilly great american challenge,,,

tastees's picture
Activity Score 13

hahahahhaha having a small one must suck... funny ad tho