Bowling Night, 3

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August 2009

Print advertisment created by FP7, Oman for Conditions Apply, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: FP7 Oman
Creative Director / Art Director: Noufal Ali
Copywriter: Arun
Illustrator: Sanoop Ramachandran
Photographer: Ivan Mladenov
Other additional credits: Ajay Menon, Najeeb, Ragav & Solomon

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Activity Score 50

when all else fails, just make something look like a penis


tirthomitro's picture
Activity Score 2758

sorry brothers, i myself have done much better while working with LB Calcutta.
our cmpgn. got its riteful place in the Luerzer's Archive.
this one is too frivolos to be here!
interesting art tho'

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

Guest's picture

WOW! FANTASTIC! FP7 is rocking again!

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What's LB? Do u mean Leo Burnett? I'm an Indian. I don't think Leo Burnett was in Calcutta.

davidogilvy online's picture
davidogilvy online
Activity Score 8

Mr. Tirthomitro, will u please tell us what u mean by LB? Do u mean Leo Burnett? I don't think Leo Burnett had an office in Calcutta!

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these are absolutely horrible. maybe the worst campaign i've see all year. and to mr "we got our place in luerzers archive!" - that is not a very hard feat anymore. archive, like CA, is a friggin joke.

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tirthomitro - you my friend are an absolute fool. it's not too hard to do much better than this. these re SO BAD it hurts my head.

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Brilliant headlines!! Very very cheeky!!

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On the face of it, the lines look cheeky and naughty. Look into it deeper and you'll understand that it's male chauvinism.

Absolute racists.

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What's this then, Back to future 5, where the creative team travels back in time to the 1980's.

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Activity Score 492

God awful advertising

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Activity Score 140

the copy is fantastic !!!

Guest's picture

Fantastic? Look deeper, it's full of male chauvinism!

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haha it looks like a penis, haha! and there's a joke with shot and i think of a cumshot. hahaha! this is such a funny ad!


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U guys really think this is great!

whats happned to the creative heads in OMAN!