Comune di Nettuno: Speed

Why risk? Slow down when you drive.In 2010 in Italy, 4.000 people died in road accidents. Almost 50% of these is caused by high speed. Be careful, it’s not worth risking.

Everytime we drive, we run some risks. If we are under the effects of drugs, or simply tired, our journey in the car can become a nightmare. The worst nightmares to get true can be: the police, surgery, or also a funeral. So we chose to represent these three moments of risk, to warn people as they get into their cars.

Advertising Agency: Link, Rome, Italy
Creative Director: Hilde Capra
Art Director: Valerio Cicco
Copywriter: Angela Macchia
Photographer: Domenico Apruzzo

August, 2011


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no sense


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i don´t get it =/

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I am impressed by the consistency of work coming out of Italy.

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