Comune di Nettuno: Fatigue

Why risk? Stay focused when you drive.In 2010 in Italy, 4.000 people died in road accidents. 25,5% of these is caused by distraction at driving. Be careful, it’s not worth risking.

Everytime we drive, we run some risks. If we are under the effects of drugs, or simply tired, our journey in the car can become a nightmare. The worst nightmares to get true can be: the police, surgery, or also a funeral. So we chose to represent these three moments of risk, to warn people as they get into their cars.

Advertising Agency: Link, Rome, Italy
Creative Director: Hilde Capra
Art Director: Valerio Cicco
Copywriter: Angela Macchia
Photographer: Domenico Apruzzo
Published: August 2011


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well, having a priest and someone else on board and all the other peple in other executions could make it hard to focus. Or not?

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Can anyone please translate?
and you, dfgherhdf, you're a damn waste of space. Get lost.

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Sorry about the spam. I keep cleaning up...

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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C'mon, it's not so bad. ;-)

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ha ha the humor. Well, the execution could have been better but then, Italy has always preferred it the different way.


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Link ITB
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There is the translation, you can read it below the picture :-)

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I'm going to be blunt.

The art direction for this series sucks.

The editing is subpar, the composition is weak, the whole thing seems incredibly forced.

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le roi
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Are you crazy?

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