Complot Creativity School - Typography Course: D

If typography didn't exist to take care of letters, one day D would get depressed about its huge tummy and would kill itself, so it wouldn't be possible to write the word Dios (God), everyone would lose their faith, earth would be charged with the dirtiest sins and finally humanity would be punished with the apocalypse. Typography course. More important in your life than you can imagine. Registration open.
Complot Creativity School.

Advertising Agency: Contrapunto BBDO, Barcelona, Spain
Creative Directors: Tomas Oliva, Carlos De Javier
Art Director: Lucas Jatobá
Copywriter: Emma Piquer
Illustrator: Diego Medina
Published: January 2009


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Las ilustraciones están muy bien. Pero el tratamiento tipografico tal vez no sea el más adecuado. Demasiado grafitero.

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Bad type for an ad for a typography course? Suicide!!!!!! This is not a good ad, not for me.

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There are certainly a bunch of type faces on this ad, but no elements really impress that much. Would be nice to see some more impressive typography executions.

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I think a lot of work, time and effort has been put into this one :)I respect that :)

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hmm I see a lotta details. not great but I say "good".

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Esta francamente deputamadre..... enhorabuena al director de Arte.

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Creo que estaban deprimidos cuando hicieron este aviso.
Es éste un aviso para vender un curso de tipografía o para vender terapias psicológicas?
De acuerdo con los comentarios de JPhilly.
I think they are depressed when they made this ad.
Is this an ad to sell typography courses
or to sell psychiatrist therapies?
By the way
I agree with JPhilly.

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que disparate!

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