Complice Hair Salon: Apple

People change their hairstyles with a cut or dye when they want to reinvent themselves. Complice, our hair salon, is the best place for these people. We respect the wishes and opinions of customers and are confident we can give them great satisfaction with our expertise. In the posters, we refer to change not only on the outside but also on the inside by using the image of carving or peeling fruit on a plate. The idea of using fruit makes our brand concept more impressive and appealing to people.

Advertising Agency: Three & Co., Japan
Copywriter: Hiroyuki Hayashi
Art Director / Designer: Masaki Fukumori
Photography: Keisuke Nishitani
Artists: Masaki Fukumori, Mitsuhiro Minamitsuji
Stylist: Mitsuhiro Minamitsuji

October 2012


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Nice piece of art !!

Live with Passion

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What the hell is this.

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Doesn't sell but the spirit to experiment is appreciated.

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