Compañía de Galletas Noel: Break

The best part of break is not the break itself. It's not those 45 minutes before leaving class. It's not the soccer game with the rugby score. It's the minute before the bell rings. It's the thrill of hearing that "C times A squared equals -- RRRING!" And running out the door.
There are small things that make you feel great.
SALTIN NOEL crackers
Fill your life

Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson, Medellín, Colombia
Creative VP: Samuel Estrada
Creative Director / Copywriter: Germán Camelo
Art Director / Illustrator: Raul Rodriguez
Published: September 2009


mikeelrapido's picture
1929 pencils

This one is nice, other one not really..


chris myles's picture
chris myles
429 pencils

I agree with you Mikeelrapido, this one is more clever.

silvi's picture
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I like the phrase: "There are small things that make you feel great."

Ivancette's picture
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Nice concept, like this copy

El que sabe, sabe arte. El que no, es redactor.

slip's picture
919 pencils

mmmmm nice


germanhudders's picture
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really nice, but didn't like the first one (the kiss ad)

Leland's picture
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This is the kind of ad that no one would bother to read.

the201's picture
19 pencils

Este está mejor pero la gráfica es mala.

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