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The line has no relation with whats shown here. Very nice ilusturation by the way.

"Everyday is one short life"


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the look is nice but what are they saying and whats the connection?

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oh yes it does have a connection.
these are ads for a gym, so the lines are saying you gotta be in shape, with muscles, etc.
(if your belly is so big it touches the wheel you better have a ferrari, otherwise you're f***** cause chicks won't look at you).
they joke about axe ads (women won't attack you because of your deodorant), and the narcisit line, that is the best one, makes a strong promise.

i love this campaign, impecable art direction, very good lines, nice, original and fresh way to advertise a gym. KUDOS.

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Hot, hot air

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bara bara baez
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What's the connection with your armpit not smelling yourself? You can't smell it but you wish I haven't done this but smell your armit can't you?

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Are you trying to speak in english?? I never get what you say.
You seem angry for something always but I cant understand your comments.

Anyway, I like the campaign but IMHO the art direction is a bit strange . I mean, the illustrations looks like ghosts or something, but maybe they wanted to represent the muscles fibers, I dont know.

Nice lines.

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he thinks he's funny, tincho. actually he's getting quite boring, but he thinks he's funny.

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Is just nice graphic style.... I dont even get what the product is and about the message.... is there any message? This whole thing is non sense.

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there is a mistake on the translation...it should be, "...(unless you have a ferrari."

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i must declare it's one of my favorite campaigns these last days.
the more i see it, the more i like it.
kudos brazil.

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I assume you have a really bad taste for advertising then.

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Ivan, one of the reason why people don't get to the heart of an ad displayed here is because we don't know what the product (brand) is / what the product does. Perhaps the title of the ad should have brand name as well as a short description of what the product is or does. This could help people appreciate ads displayed here better. Just a suggestion :P

~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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the illustration doesn't match the headlines. Poorly executed.

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