April 2013
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The client had recently changed location and needed to raise local awareness of its presence. They wanted a unique and creative campaign that would raise local awareness of the comic shop and it services. An innovative outdoor strategy that involved stickers printed with onomatopoeia found in comic books that could be stuck to real life objects in and around the comic shop.

Advertising Agency: Spring, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Rob Schlyecher
Art Directors: Jose Rivas, Jeremy Grice
Designer: Jose Rivas

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Spring's making a run at some tin!

Too bad the Rethink model of office produced, hand cut, mom and pop shop client, only run once in the parking lot outside the agency died out like 10 years ago when award show judges started to become wise to it. God knows I've done a few of them myself. While I applaud the 'let's make it happen' attitude I have more way more respect for creatives who pull off ideas that actually require some effort, whether it's in the production or selling an idea to a tough client. Spring, from what I can see, you've got the talent. Let's see some larger ideas.