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the art direction is there. but concept is not there yet.

keep up good work.

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Have Heart
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I don't get it.

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There is a flash ligth at the source of the light if you look close. But, it is just a cool visual with a night sky. I don't think there is something deep to get.

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I always prefer the idea over looks, but christ, this series just works. This is maglite.

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like the art-direction, but idea is so-so imo
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The idea is nice, and the execution is lovely, but flashlight ads are a staple in student books. There must be a thousand variations on this same theme - some better, some worse. It's well-trod territory - probably best to stay away from it.

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No hay idea? Yo creo que la hay y muy buena. Está poniendo la luminosidad de la Maglite al nivel de los cuerpos celestes.
There is no idea? I believe that there is it and very good. He is putting the luminosity of the Maglite at the level of the celestial bodies.

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It's pretty.

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These are beautiful-looking ads, but I think they're concentrating on the wrong thing. The 'Streak of light' one is closest to working. They should have gone for more with a time-lapse or long-aperture theme.

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tigor's picture
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Even though coming from students, it doesn't always weak.

It's a nice attempt.

It'd be nicer if they can at least beat Suthisak's See the dark side.

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Scuba Steve
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Love the are direction, keep it up.

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