Comedy Central: Heads

Advertising Agency: Kempertrautmann, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director / Art Director / Illustrator: Mathias Lamken
Photographer: Karsten Wegener
Graphics: Simon Jasper Philipp
Post: Martina Huber
Account Management: Peter Matz
Account Executive: Ilker Yilmazalp

November, 2007


Runep's picture
50 pencils

I just love this campaign. But the ones at Cannes where even better!!

Rog's picture
6082 pencils

Love the storyboard & stamp vibe, too.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

everartz's picture
7609 pencils

so whats the difference between these ads and the cannes winning.. both are the same

| Everartz |

Tincho's picture
1093 pencils

Yes!, nice campaign.

simpson_tech's picture
98 pencils

this one is not better than the first ones.
Try again.

banana tom's picture
banana tom
40 pencils

Bad comments/conference report.

The other two concepts are the worst of the lot. Bad strat again from trying hard DM. Fong Fuk Dynasty style storyboard illustration, what can you expect? The client has to say, politely ... "these are dated and old-fashion."

Rog's picture
6082 pencils

The client obviously didn't! :)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Cash White's picture
Cash White
66 pencils

I like this one better than the first ones . . . except the hitler one.

sumbody's picture
134 pencils

this one is really really funny. Nice job

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